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A Deeper Knowing of Self - By Karen Leslie, Writer with Heart

The untapped, unlimited warehouse of your being is becoming stretched, formed and reformed into the "I am", a deeper knowing of self, a wiser person and by making conscious choices, giving yourself permission to embrace your truth and authenticity... In return, you will gain a richer understanding of self and life.

Like ourselves, life is continually unfolding, re-generating, re-building and re-birthing. As we conquer our crossroads, our life changes dramatically. Each story of life, the challenges, tough decisions and heartbreak brings us closer and closer to our sense self. We all stumble and fall along our journey, and it is how we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, let go and continue that counts. As we gain our footing and balance, somewhere deep inside we re-discover our inner strength that guides us to our calling. We then have the opportunity to make new choices with fresh visions, clarity and insight to new plateaus with recharged and renewed courage! Becoming pliable and flexible to change will set the stage of awareness that will allow you to make healthy boundaries to reset life with boundless opportunities and lead you through the gateway to your personal power! 

It is only when the knowledge we attain is applied to our life that we get the power of that knowledge which creates change in our personal growth.

Believe and know in this moment...You are worthy, deserving and enough.

Now I ask YOU...What are you on this earth to do?

Wisdom Wednesday features excerpts from Karen Leslie's books - Own Your Wisdom & Journal Your Wisdom.