Own your Wisdom:

Honoring the Second Half of Life and Embracing your Authentic Self

Paperback book 334 pages: Available on Amazon >> BUY NOW  $19.99

Wisdom is life lessons learned. You are more than your circumstances... The wisdom is already inside of you!

Imagine... living life trusting your instincts while allowing life to unfold with ease. Do you honor the voice inside when faced with a choice or decision? Do you wish you could share your perspective with confidence? Would you like to live from the heart to better support yourself and others?

Join visionary Karen Leslie on the path to wisdom as she shares personal insights, raw truths and stories of healing. This book will fine tune your intuition, reflect back the power you already hold, meet you at the crossroads right where you are, and guide you back home to the amazing woman you already know. When living your wisdom you approach your defining moments with clarity, speak your truth, and live authentically!

Karen Leslie is a writer, facilitator and inspirational speaker. She has guided many women in their 50’s and beyond to trust their inner voice and intuition. She is the founder of Wise Women Awakened – a global circle of women sharing their life stories and defining moments.

Journal your Wisdom

Blank Journal with Reflective Prompts to ACTIVATE, AWAKEN and DISCOVER the wisdom within you

Paperback Journal 200 pages: Available on Amazon >> BUY NOW  $14.00

Behold! You hold the pen to your happily ever after! This private paper sanctuary is a place where you can observe and witness your thoughts... and let yourself flow free!

No matter what path you are on or crossroad you find yourself facing, you are never alone when you have the power and light within to transform your life through writing your story.

The act of intimate writing allows healing, growth, and clarity. In this journal, you can harness the power of thought, let go, take stock, discover your passions and purpose, find your inner voice, and connect with your authentic self.

For your writing pleasure, this journal features 180 blank pages, and 65 reflective prompts to gently guide you in your exploration of the masterpiece that is YOU! This journal is a companion to “Own Your Wisdom” by Karen Leslie.