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Karen Leslie: Writer with Heart

About Karen Leslie

Hello, I'm Karen Leslie, Writer with Heart. 

What feeds my spirit and wisdom is: to see and be seen in the light of L.O.V.E. then witness the rings of compassion ripple out onto the world around me. My human senses come alive in the exchange of energy when engaged in a one-on-one story sharing, the possibilities, and opportunities that life presents, living in the now and nourishing my soul in nature.

My purpose, calling and passion is touching people’s lives with the written and spoken word! Week to week you will wake up to a new sense of self, discover the wisdom within, tap into your authenticity, inner voice and ultimately your legacy.

About Wise Women Awakened

Wise Women Awakened came from a potent desire to celebrate, honor and unite all peoples for the sole purpose to share their inspiring stories, experiences, ambitions and defining moments with like-minded soul searchers. At the core is; love, kindness, compassion, and respect for our earth home, community, and humanity. 

The world is geared for the youth and yet our voices of wisdom need to come to the forefront equally! We are to be valued and respected for our accomplished awakenings, our coming home to our authentic selves, our personal growth and life lessons learned!

Your voice is valuable! You are an ambassador of wisdom and are a part of the portal of compassionate women who have awakened to themselves, their purpose and destinies! This powerful intuitive energy and bond is like a wild fire, moving swiftly across the continents, igniting the world with a beacon of light, hope and love!