Liquid Love


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Liquid Love - By Karen Leslie, writer with heart

Water is the source of all life! When the waters of the soul are fluid, life flows freely with happiness and harmony. The natural rhythmic current and energy waves of light and empathy, lovingly leads us to the gentle river of self exploration. Embracing the elements while addressing and assessing life’s mysteries, are the guideposts to our wisdom, truth and honesty. 

Love is the backdrop of life! A new wave of awareness is rising! There is more than the currency of money; it’s the currency of compassion and the legacy of love that hydrates humankind for generations to come. The undercurrents of indecision, worry and unworthiness  can build a dam of regret, leaving us feeling stagnant and dampen our enthusiasm. If the waters of your soul feel choppy, pause, take a breath and a sip from the delicious deep wellspring of your wellbeing. 

Your liquid love floats in the living waters of spiritual awakening! Wade in the ocean of loving-kindness, feel it cascade and wash over you with clean sparkling clarity!  

Now I ask you... What are you passionate about?


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